About Me

Welcome to the website “Aquariumistics.com” for all aquarium enthusiasts, beginners and all those who are just planning to have their first aquarium. And also just fans of animals and wildlife.

My name is Denis, and I am glad that you visited my blog. I am interested in aquariums and marine life from a young age. My experience in this hobby is more than 20 years. All that I write in my blog is the result of my personal practice and a huge amount of studying various information about aquarium fish and shrimps.


How it all started

I’ve been obsessed with marine life since I was a teenager. My grandfather had a small boat and we often went out to sea with him. I loved visiting my grandparents during the summer. Better than any children’s camp!

But I never liked fishing. I didn’t want to catch fish, I wanted to learn as much as I could about each species of fish. That became my little obsession and hobby.

At the age of 12, my parents gave me a small aquarium. In it lived 1 goldfish. During my college years, I got a part-time job at a pet store and got my first serious aquarium. I had 2 guppy fish, 1 catfish and 2 swordfish. I learned a lot from the experienced employees while I was moonlighting at the place.

I read every piece of information I could find about aquarium fish.

A couple of years later, after I graduated, I got into aquascaping. During those years I was hooked on a forum, where there were discussions of fish amateurs and I could spend hours chatting and answering questions about various fish and problems, with which many people wrote and asked for help. I even did custom aquascaping.

What’s the purpose of this blog?

Nowadays, these days, information is much easier to get, there are a huge number of online resources and YouTube. I devoured any information that came my way.

I know a lot about the best place to start if this is your first aquarium. I know which fish you shouldn’t have and which fish you shouldn’t put together if you don’t want to find floating fish tails in your tank one sad morning. One fish ate the other fish. Yes, there was such a deplorable experience in my practice.

The main purpose of creating this blog is to teach fish lovers how to properly care for their aquatic pets and aquariums, so they do not repeat my mistakes.

If you are as fanatical about goldfish and are willing to listen to hours about them as I am, you will love my site!