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Do Goldfish Need a Filter to Live?

If you are a new owner of a goldfish, you might wonder: “Do goldfish need a filter?” Even though fish seem like that type of pet you never need to pay attention to, they actually …

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If you are a new owner of a goldfish, you might wonder: “Do goldfish need a filter?” Even though fish seem like that type of pet you never need to pay attention to, they actually need a lot of care. The first thing you have to get is a filter, as this thing can help you save a lot of time and prolong your fish’s life.

Filters and Facts About Them

Do you need a filter for goldfish tank? It depends on the following factors:

  • Do you have the time to regularly clean it by hand?
  • What species of goldfish do you plan to buy?
  • How big is your water tank?

Do all fish need filters?

two goldfish in a spacious aquarium

Fish is a big group of animals, and there are thousands of their kind you can have in your aquarium. Some of them can be pretty picky, especially tropical species that need constant attention.

The filter should be your first purchase if you want to keep them alive for a long time. In addition, some fish live only in salty water, which can be regulated properly only by a tank filter.

Some species of fish don’t need a filter to survive in the tank. They usually get accustomed to the local ecosystem and don’t require much attention. Those are goldfish, betas, and white clouds. All of these can grow in a small tank and will stay healthy if you clean the area regularly.

What to know about filters?

A filter is an essential thing for your fish tank. Its main goal is to keep the environment clean, getting rid of small particles of leftover food and junk from the water. It also makes sure there is a good oxygen flow throughout the aquarium.

Different filters have various features. It is important to always pay attention to the ammonia buildup in your tank. Dangerous levels of this compound can affect your fish, leading to diseases.

In addition, if you have a lot of greens in your tank, they can leave layers of particles on the walls of the tank. Filters can also help you with bacteria that can be very detrimental to the fish.

Mysteries of a goldfish tank

So can goldfish live without a filter? Yes, for some time. Goldfish is not very picky with its environment, which makes it a perfect pet for beginners. Even though it might seem like you don’t need to get a filter for your goldfish, you need to understand that, with this addition, you will help both yourself and your little friend.

aquaclear filter

If you don’t have a filter, you will have to clean the tank by hand, which can be a lot of work.

A tank filter will save your time, and your goldfish will feel even better with it. They need a clean environment if you want to see them grow and reproduce. A cool fact is that goldfishes will increase in size as long as there is enough free space for them to grow.

Filters you can try using

There are a lot of different filters out there that you can use. Does goldfish need a filter? And if yes, then which one? Well, common types of filters you can find in your pet shop are mechanical, biological, and chemical. They have different purposes, and combining several of them can help you keep your fish healthy.

A mechanical filter deals with small physical particles in the water, like chunks of food and other organic matter. It shreds the little pieces and lets them sit in the filtered area until you decide to clean up the waste. It is really handy if you have a tank with a lot of fish in it.

When it comes to a biological filter, it is a safe option for anyone who cares about our current ecological situation. This type of filter is recommended to install if you don’t want ammonia buildup to affect your pet. In addition, they are considered eco-friendly.

FAQ on Filters for Goldfish

Taking care of a fish might be fairly hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are some questions that you may have if you do get a pet goldfish, and we will happily answer them.

How long can a goldfish live without a filter?

Some goldfish can survive without a filter for months. It all depends on the temperature in the aquarium, how frequently you plan on cleaning it, and how often you plan to feed your goldfish.

Do goldfish need a filter on all the time?

No, they can go without it for several weeks. Nevertheless, a filter will clean the tank and keep the oxygen flow steady, which is vital for a fish to live.

Can a goldfish live in a bowl without a filter?

It can for some time. If you want your fish to stay healthy and energetic, it is better to prepare a proper tank for it and keep it in a bowl only for a certain period.

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Always Take Proper Care of Your Pets

A fish tank is a big responsibility, and you need to pay attention to the creatures you’ve decided to keep in your house. Fishes require regular cleaning and feeding to stay healthy and energetic, and buying a filter can save you a lot of time if you don’t want to get your hands wet.

Do you have a filter in your tank? What species of fish is your favorite? Please, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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